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With our chiropractic services, we help families with their health and specialize in multiple techniques, including sports medicine. Rest assured that our doctors are knowledgeable and up-to-date on the current practices and techniques in chiropractic medicine.

Children's Chiropractic

Having your child’s spine checked by a chiropractor at a young age is important for proper spine and bone development. With our children's chiropractic services, we restore normal spinal and nervous system function during your child's development.


Browse through the informational images in our online gallery to discover valuable tips about our services. At First Chiropractic, we want to keep our patients educated on all aspects of our chiropractic issues and treatments.

Our Story

Dr.Lichfield has been offering care for over two decades in Everett, Washington. Our family practice specializes in auto accidents, sports injuries, work injuries and chronic neck and back pain.

Becoming pain free begins with a free consultation. We have cared for thousands of patients, and we accept new patients, including pregnant mothers, infants, children, and teens. We also offer massage therapy an rehab.

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